About Us


We have a strong team of deep learning scientists, software engineers and medical experts who are passionate about empowering healthcare professionals with state-of-the-art AI technologies. 


We aim to improve efficiency and patient outcomes by empowering doctors and healthcare professionals with advanced technologies built upon deep learning techniques.


To scale healthcare specialist expertise globally so that patients over the world can benefit from accurate diagnosis, lower costs, delivery speed and access.

Our Partners

Beijing Tiantan Hospital​

Beijing Tiantan Hospital boasts the world’s leading neurology and neurosurgery programs. It is one of the three largest neurosurgery research centers in the world and is the centre of clinical research and neurosurgery education in Asia. It also has China’s largest brain tissue and blood data bank. In 2017, We established the world’s first Artificial Intelligence Research Centre for Neurological Diseases in collaboration with Beijing Tiantan Hospital. We are the exclusive partner of Beijing Tiantan Hospital

MOH Holdings & IDA

MOHH and IDA are important driving forces in identifying and adopting emerging IT technologies to improve lives and productivity, with MOHH focusing on healthcare. In a local hackathon organised by IDA and MOHH, our innovative and disruptive vision for the healthcare industry was carefully selected from a stiff competition of about 20 teams for further development. Ever since, we have received ample support to advance our mission for the benefit of the healthcare industry.

Bioinformatics Institute (BII)

The Bioinformatics Institute (BII) focuses on theoretical approaches aimed at understanding biomolecular mechanisms. We have jointly developed state-of-the-art image segmentation technology using Convolution Neural Network (CNN) for identifying Regions of Interest (ROI) in medical images to reduce manual efforts required, hence boosting productivity.  

National Heart Centre (NHC)

The National Heart Centre (NHC) is a national and regional referral centre for cardiovascular diseases dedicated to providing optimal care. We are working with NHC to improve treatment administration.

MIT CSAIL (Alliance Partner)

CSAIL is the largest research laboratory at MIT and one of the world’s most important centers of information technology research. Leading organizations come to CSAIL to learn about our work, recruit talented graduate students, and explore collaborations with our researchers.  CSAIL Alliances provides a proactive and comprehensive approach to developing strong collaborations with all CSAIL has to offer.  

NUS (AI Research Partner)

A leading global university centred in Asia, the National University of Singapore (NUS) is Singapore’s flagship university, which offers a global approach to education and research, with a focus on Asian perspectives and expertise. NUS takes an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to research, working with partners from industry, government and academia, to address crucial and complex issues relevant to Asia and the world. The University’s latest research focus is to use data science, operations research and cybersecurity to support Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative.

Nvidia (Inception Partner)

Nvidia’s Inception Programme nurtures dedicated and exceptional startups who are revolutionizing industries with advances in AI and data science. This virtual accelerator program helps startups during critical stages of product development, prototyping, and deployment.

Our Management

Raymond Moh, CEO

Raymond graduated from the prestigious National University of Singapore’s Engineering Double Degree Program and obtained a MBA with distinction from Strathclyde.  He has served as a scholar and technology advisor in big data engineering since 2008. From FinTech to HealthTech, he has advised over 50 organisations to achieve high growth rate and productivity driven by technology adoptions.

Joe Wu, CTO

Joe graduated from National University of Singapore with a Double Major in Physics and Mathematics. He obtained a Masters degree in Computer Science from McGill University. In 2013, he collaborated with Deep Learning Pioneer Professor Yoshua Bengio at University of Montreal, MILA lab. Previously from Microsoft Research and A*STAR, he has since worked with many scientists in the study of deep learning techniques. He also acted as an advisor to the AI.SG committee in 2017.

Professor Feng Jiashi, Chief Scientist, Lead of BioMind Research Center

Dr Feng Jiashi is a professor at the Department of Electrical and Engineering of NUS and the head of NUS Learning and Vision Lab. He has been listed as one of the ten young outstanding innovators from the Asia Pacific region on the MIT Technology Review’s “Innovators Under 35” Asia 2018 list. 

Professor Polina Golland, Advisor, MIT

Dr. Polina is the Principle Investigator of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) at MIT. She is a veteran in building computational models of anatomical and functional variability from medical images and develop methods for making predictions for new subjects based on images. Dr. Polina is also the General Chair and Program Co-Chair of MICCAI, reviewer and board member of IPMI, and reviewer of Machine Learning in Healthcare and has more than 150 international publications.

Professor Cai TianXi, Advisor, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Cai is an expert in biomarker evaluation, model selection and validation, prediction methods, personalized medicine in disease diagnosis, prognosis and treatment, statistical inference with high dimensional data, and survival analysis. In addition to her methodological research, Prof Cai also collaborates with the Informatics for Integrating Biology and the Bedside (I2B2) center and is well-known for developing a scalable informatics framework that will bridge clinical research data and the vast data banks arising from basic science research in order to better understand the genetic bases of complex diseases.

Our Awards and Accolades

Viki Challenge 2016

1st Prize out of 130 competitors in the Rakuten-Viki TV recommendation competition

Unilever Challenge 2015

Overall champion out of 50 teams in the Unilever Overall Opinion Score Challenge

ACM RecSys Challenge 2015

1 of 17 teams accepted for workshop presentation in ACM RecSys Challenge out of 850 competitors

MOH Holdings Digital Healthcare Hackathon 2016

Overall champion in the digital healthcare hackathon organised by Ministry of Health Holdings using Artificial Intelligence to solve industry pain points.