Senior Software Engineer - Beijing

Take your place as a product-focused engineer in a B2B tech company poised as a driver of innovation in the world of healthcare. Work beside passionate and driven experts in the fields of healthcare and data science to construct high-end data analytics and Deep Learning products that will change the face of the healthcare industry.


As our Software Engineer, you will be the lead of the product team responsible for building secure cutting-edge technologies. As part of our company culture, you will also have the opportunity to cross-learn and gain considerable skills and insights into the areas of entrepreneurship, deep learning, data analytics techniques, healthcare, and more.

  • Development of full software application with integration to Deep Learning models
  • Defining systems strategy, developing system requirements, designing, prototyping, and testing custom technology solutions, and supporting system implementation.
  • Build scalable interfaces between back-end and front-end technology
  • Participate throughout product development process
  • Make high level decision on product direction
  • Design and create services and system architecture for our projects, and lead feedback to other team members
  • Help improve our code quality through testing, automation and code reviews
  • Provide on-going operational support including upgrades, defect fixes and any Process change activities.
  • Function as integrators between business needs and technology solutions, helping to create technology solutions to meet clients’ business needs.

Job Requirements

  • Degree in Computer Science or the equivalent
  • Experience in developing enterprise python/C++ applications
  • Experience in front end development frameworks for python/C++, e.g QT/PyQt
  • Experience in designing and using python/C++ test frameworks
  • Ability to build plugins for open source libraries in C++, not only utilizing them
  • Experience optimizing and improving performance of software


  • Knowledge of VTK, ITK (libraries for medical image manipulation)
  • Knowledge of interfacing with PACS
  • Knowledge of Dicom standards

Soft Skills

  • Excellent leadership and management skills
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Proven ability to work creatively and analytically in a problem-solving environment

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