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22 December, 2017

Singapore firm sets up AI neurology research centre with renowned Beijing hospital

A Singapore start-up and a top Chinese hospital in Beijing have set up what they say is the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) research centre for neurology. The centre aims to develop technologies that, for example, ensure efficient and consistent diagnosis of brain tumours and vascular diseases, and help patients recover faster through the use of robots. Hanalytics, a company that focuses on AI applications in healthcare, will work with Beijing Tiantan Hospital, known for its neurosurgery expertise, to develop applications in diagnosis, prevention, prognosis, as well as patient rehabilitation using AI.

22 December, 2017

Singapore start-up Hanalytics sets up AI research centre for neurology in China

Singapore artificial intelligence (AI) start-up Hanalytics on Friday (Dec 22) announced it has jointly established an AI research centre focused on neurology with Beijing Tiantan Hospital, which is affiliated to the Capital Medical University in China. In its press release, Hanalytics said both parties will conduct an “exclusive cooperation” in diagnosis, prevention, prognosis, patient rehabilitation and many other applications using AI at the research centre, which it touted as the world’s first for neurology.

11 November, 2017

资讯通信媒体业转型蓝图出炉 新配对计划让企业借助人工智能升级

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